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Most of our service rates are based on a single animal. Please add any extra dogs or pets to your shopping cart order where required.

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Vacation or Business Trip Visits:

$54.00 a Day includes: 3 Visits: 8am - 2pm - 8pm. Exercise/play with pet, feed, clean out bowls, give fresh water and treats. If dog(s), let out, wipe paws, clean out bowls, give fresh water, food and treats.

For each additional dog add $3.00, for any other pet add $1.00 each.

We can supply additional services for dogs such as walk/jog for an extra fee. If your business/vacation will be longer than a week please call in advance for availability.

1-9 days (3-times per day visits) SAVE!SAVE when you purchase mutiple visits at discounted rates!
$54 each 3-times per day visit Save 5% when you buy 10 3-per day visits for $513 (a $540 value) Save 5% when you buy 14 3-per day visits for $718 (a $756 value)
Select button below to add any extra dogs and pets to your Vacation or Business Trip Visits order. Please enter the number of extra dogs/pets on your shopping cart.
1-9 3-per day visits 10 3-per day visits 14 3-per day visits
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Mail Pick-up
$2.50 a day
Water Plants
$5 a day*
Dog Walks
$5 a day
FREE! House Light Rotation
& Open / Close Blinds
*Excessive plants may require additional fees. TBD at time of interview.

Custom Vacation & Business Trip Services are available. Please call us at 203-245-7387 or contact us by email to ask about how we can help you with your pet's needs.


Pet Taxi

Vet holding dogGroomers – $30.00 Includes drop off and pick up.


Regular Vet Visit – $40.00 Includes drop off, wait, and pick up. Visits longer than an hour add $15.00 for every 15 minutes. (Please Note: vet visit does not include the price of the vet visit and/or emergency visits. Should your pet need to be transported to vet in case of emergency you are responsible for pet taxi rate and any vets fees Animal Tails House Calls LLC incurs due to the visit.)



House Visits (no pets):

$16.00 a day includes house check, turning on/off lights, bring in mail, watering of plants, alarm setting, heat/air conditioning check. Other options available.

1-14 visits SAVE!SAVE when you purchase mutiple visits at discounted rates!
$16 each visit Save 5% when you buy 15 visits for $228 (a $240 value) Save 10% when you buy 20 visits for $288 (a $320 value)


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If you are interested in Doggie Doo Gone, Clean Kitty Potty, or other critter clean-up services, please call 203-245-7387 for availabilty and rates.



Current prices in effect as of 05/01/08.


You can leave home with peace of mind knowing that you’ve left your pet — and your house — in good hands! We are fully insured and bonded, and our caregivers are certified in Pet First Aid.

Learn about our many Daily Services we offer to help you with pet care needs in your home.


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